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Just Revealed--Results Of Our Forex Trading Product Test...

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How I Went From 0 - $10,126 In Seven Days...


Don't even think about trading forex online before you check out the results of our recent research. We will almost certainly save you money as well as a lot of frustration and heart ache.

Hello, my name is David O'Neill and if you're not one of our regular subscribers and haven't heard about our much publicised forex product test, let me quickly fill you in... and then I'll reveal the conclusive proof that a unique program called Forex Autopilot is by far the most effective forex trading software currently on the market. I'll also be recommending Forex Ace--one of the absolute best low-cost programs on the market.

Firstly, The Common Problem...

It's a well known fact that you must be extremely cautious before trading Forex and there are hundreds of software products on the market that claim to increase the probability of a successful trade. However, we soon discovered that most of them were highly unreliable and didn't even update automatically as the market moved.

See, as a retired day trader with over 20 years experience on Wall Street, the one thing I know what all forex signal software designed for home users must do is provide reliability, functionality and simplicity. This way it eliminates all the complex analysis so that even a so-called 'newbie' trader with little or no experience can successfully navigate the market and pull a profit without winding up in a constant state of fear and frustration. Do not be put off though, because the simple fact of the matter is this:

Trading Forex From Home Can Be Immensely Profitable...

Believe me, there is plenty of money to be made in this area; far more than other online 'opportunities' and if you want to grab a piece of the incredible $2 Trillion dollars that is traded on the Forex market every day (and that's not a misprint), it is now easier to get started than it had ever been.

So if you're reading this and are considering starting a new highly lucrative career no matter what your background or education, then it'll be extremely worth your while.

Let's Dispel A myth...

The forex market isn't as complicated as everyone thinks. I know people who have taken $100 and have built it up into a working capital of over $1,000,000 within 1 year... and that's sitting in a home office, not working for a major trading institution.

So as I was saying, a few weeks ago, after hearing numerous horror stories from people who had been mislead into using rogue software and bogus systems to trade from and learn with, we decided to do a detailed study to discover which of the most popular trading tools are the most efficient.

In all, we reviewed 14 of the most popular forex products and interviewed over 100 'work from home' traders who had used them.

To cut a long story short, eventually we did find 2 effective programs that delivered consistent and profitable trading results and we have listed them below.

Now please bare in mind that some professional software cost in excess of $4000...and with recurring fees for data feeds. So what we did to benefit the majority of folk who want to get started with this without spending huge sums of money was to only look at ones that were between $20 and $99 and a one time fee

So read below to find out what we decided to be the most effective products...

"Thank you for all your amazing advice. I've tried and failed with so many forex products over the past few years but after following your direction, I have managed to make $1786.07 in a week which was triple what I was doing with before"
Angela Harman
Boston, USA
"David, I absolutely agree with you 100%. I had failed with Forex on so many occasions before and even though this wasn't the first time I had heard of these products, you gave me the confidence to really try it out. In fact, I made $325 on my first day. Amazing"
Pamela Ingraham
Leeds, UK

Forex Auto Pilot...
As I said at the beginning, Forex Autopilot certainly is the real deal as far as software goes and even though it costs literally thousands of dollars LESS than competing products, it still does almost as good a job and more importantly integrates into your 'meta trader' account.

Overall, we were very impressed by this tool and although the website shows live proof of the system making a 200+ pips in under 24 hours (a $2000 profit), the whole point of this was to test it ourselves and see for ourselves whether it would work for us as well.

See, the whole point of Forex Autopilot is to take the human factor out of the equation. The thing with the forex market is that it's 24 hours business that runs from Sunday evening to Friday each week and if you've placed a trade when there's very little movement in the market and then have to go out, or go to bed, it could be problematic. Your trade is still active and if the price suddenly spikes in the wrong direction and you're not there to catch it, you could lose money.

Forex Auto Pilot eliminates this problem entirely and not only that, it calculates when should trade and when you shouldn't so the probability of you making money fast is increased ten-fold. It's genial and the results we had were very good. Out of ten trades over a period of one week, we only lost on one... and believe me, that is exceptional and better than most seasoned traders would do. Profit? It netted us a few thousand dollars.

You can see one of our successful trades below where on the 17th September it chose us a trade that made a gain of 171 pips in under 12 hours on the EUR/USD!

In the chart below, you can see how this happened...

- Line #1 is the trend line that was spotted.

- Line #2 was where the 'break-out' occurred and where the trade was started.

- Line #3 is where the initial profit of $300 was taken.

- Line #4 is the point where after placing a 'rolling stop-loss' on the trade to secure our initial profit, we exited at 1.436 for a total profit of $1710. ($10 per point)


Now don't worry if this terminology doesn't make any sense to you because with Forex Auto Pilot you won't need to worry about it.

The point is, this system works very well and was easily the best forex software we tried. Obviously, it's not perfect (none of them are) and as I mentioned we lost out on one trade where the market went in the opposite direction as indicated on the chart on the right. We traded long and the price went short.

...But you know that's not a bad thing. Even the most

established traders make losing trades each day...

It's frustrating but part of the game. Having said that,  a $10,000 profit overall on the first week ate the loss up quickly.

Overall, if you want to replicate these results without wasting money on some of the junk software out there then we recommend Forex Autopilot over all the others. You can find out more here..

10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder...
Now the reason why we have mentioned this is because most people will want and will also benefit from a proper course that includes DVD's and reading material.

Even though literally anyone can start trading forex from home and make money extremely quickly, there is obviously a learning curve and this full on Forex training course along with the Auto Pilot Forex software is without doubt the perfect duo to make you a successful trader and the envy of your friends and family extremely quickly.

It is highly commendable.

The name Dean Saunders (the creator of 10 Minute Forex) has been buzzing around the trading community recently with rumours of his revolutionary ground braking forex course. We confirm it to be an absolute goldmine for anyone looking to trade the forex markets around their current day job!

Here's just a few things that makes the "10 Minute Forex" system so special....

- It requires only 10 minutes each evening to trade. (perfect for newcomers)
- It uses unique price driven entry techniques. (that are in many ways genial)
- It removes all emotion from trading. (Absolutely crucial)
- It requires no previous experience. (Essential)
- And resulting trades can often rake in up to 400 pips each (that's $4000 profit by the way)

We were very impressed with this material and even though I've been trading Forex for 25 years, there were a few techniques within the course that I had never heard before.

You can read more about Dean's course on his website but as with Forex Auto Pilot, we actually went ahead and tested out his strategies in live trades. Judging by the reaction of the 500 subscribers of ours who have downloaded this in the last week, we knew there would be a strong possibility of this going well and the trade we did on the 15th September which made 98 pips proved this.

Using the 10MFWB Swing System Dean easily took 120 pips ($1200 per lot) out of the forex market with only 10 minutes a day! When he made this trade he was actually on holiday in Florida!


Read on below to find out what to do next.
The Conclusion...

Now we realize that some of the jargon we've been using on this page may have confused you slightly. However, you really don't need to worry about this because everything will be explained.

Trading Forex is hugely profitable and can be done by literally anyone from home. In fact, I know 2 full time traders who work in hedge funds (one in NY and one in London) who earn over $400,000,000 per year trading in this way and at one point they started off in the same position as you are in at the moment. It is a VERY good area to be in and is not affected in anyway by global financial turmoil.

So where do you start?

Well, the combination of both these products will take you quickly to success. They are different entities and will benefit you in separate ways. They will both make you a ton of money which is obviously the most important thing.

From my years of experience, I can assure you that's the best option for you, if you're serious about this. If you just want to start out with one, the try Forex Auto Pilot first. Good luck to you. David O'Neill

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